Zaine Vaun


My work as an artist explores the edge between traditional and contemporary. Heavily influenced by Wabi-Sabi and Organic Modernism, my work relates the beauty of the raw and refined, finding a balance between the flaws of nature and the human tendency to polish our surroundings. I use the natural world as design inspiration and material use, with my mediums varying from clay to paint, textiles and graphics. Through these many mediums, I aim to evoke a similar feeling. I focus on simplicity and minimalism, soft textures, a soothing color palette, and the importance of tactile experience. I create works of art that instill calmness and that of lasting significance
Zaine Kenealy


Price Range

$18 – $125

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Paint, dye, clay, textile, fabric, graphic, raw, organic, silk, cotton, velvet, illustrations, plants, traditional, japanese resist, block print, masks, pet portraits, watercolor, indigo, bandana, pillowcase, print, handkerchief, henna, scrunchie, Zaine, Keanely, murals, natural, Vaun, Austin, Texas, TX