Wolf Sittler

In 1968, with an MSW degree, I began the "money making" part of my life as a social worker. For 15 years I worked in corrections, vocational rehabilitation, drug abuse and counseling parents fighting over their kids during divorce proceedings. In 1982 I married, moved to Austin and spent three years as a Probation Officer in Travis County. Three years later, concluding that the "system" in place could not possibly work, I turned a woodworking hobby into a full-time job and began self employment that continues to this day. My wife, Charlotte, and I traveled the country for 30 years selling our creations at high-end art/craft fairs. Today, semi re-tired, I show my work at the Travis Height Art Trail and the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar. Ten years ago I began to spend more time on the social action part of my life. I now mix that up with woodworking and have created a balance that satisfies my need for meaning. I believe everyone is a creative/artist in some way.....since each of us has the potential to conceive of new ways to handle life issues....whether it's creating something beautiful, or figuring out how to solve problems. I like the freedom of working without the constraints of a bureaucracy. Artists are just like everyone else, except they don't have someone else guaranteeing them financial security, healthcare, retirement, etc. That demands more creativity! Some artists prefer to focus on self expression while others promote thinking outside the box. These days, our world very much needs more folks willing to challenge old ways of doing things. That requires creativity, cooperation, and a vision that goes beyond "same old, same old". So, whether it's a new way to paint, make a table, a necklace, or change attitudes, our society will improve when more folks nurture their creative impulses.
Wolf Sittler


Price Range

$25 – $2500

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