Twin Creek Studio

"I enjoy developing artwork using both geometric and organic forms. Many of my pieces are comprised of fragments of various materials: frequently metals, wood, that I have made, altered and/or found. I strive to unify these elements in the various forms of artworks that I explore. I ‘play’ in a variety of formats because life is too short to do the same thing over and over. Frequently, I simultaneously work on a couple of different bodies of work. In many of my works, I assemble an interaction of the deliberate and the unintended, control vs. the absence of control. When working with surface quality, I often allow the beauty of the accidental surfaces to remain, but also choose to impose an order and merge the separate elements. The connections are a reflection of diversity unified to create a new form."
Laura Sturtz


Price Range

$25 – $10,000

Contact Info

Mixed metal, metal art, metal wall art, recycled metal, copper, metal quilts, metal landscape, metal wall sculpture, metal hangings, metal jewelry, contemporary jewelry, contemporary earrings, long earrings, multiple parts earrings, semi-precious stones, pins, brooches, necklaces, pendants, silver, mixed metal jewelry, wood art, wood wall art, wood wall sculpture, colorful wood sculpture, relief sculpture, critters sculpture, endangered animals, small animal figures, endangered species sculpture, cast sculpture, bronze