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"I grew up making things. My dad was a carpenter and together we rebuilt people’s homes. The thing I like more than making something is making it again. Evaluate, then redesign. I want to make a smarter decision. Looking for the balance between the process and materials, the viewer and my ego; it is a constant challenge. My ultimate desire is to create a poetic moment. Drawing was my first “art love”. It is direct; you could immediately see the consequences of your action. The dialogue with my classmates and professors was real time and energetic. It is still my favorite subject to teach. Drawing taught me to be objective; to look at the what, how and why you do something and to refine that approach. Clay is my favorite, my passion. I work as immediately as possible; in small groups; six to a dozen pieces at a time. I use a limited pallet of very sensitive glazes and fire often in a small kiln. It is a chaotic work cycle but it is very informative. Pots do not get old; I don’t get stagnant doing one thing for too long. Ideas evolve quickly. Almost every week my wife and I are looking at new pots laid out over our yard. Some of them come inside, some land in the garden. All of them inform and predict what is next. Clay is demanding. You can get caught up in one aspect forever. I'm trying to see the whole process: how a piece is made, how the surface is addressed, how it is fired, and finally how will it be used. I'm trying to compress this process into a moment of clarity; a poetic moment where the piece reveals itself. Nathan Falter I strive to make pots that others will enjoy using. My craft as a potter allows me to both create and embellish. The potter’s wheel is my chosen tool for creating clean, classic, and uncomplicated porcelain vessels dressed in intricate pattern. I am attracted to the purity and challenge that porcelain offers to its user. The pure white canvas of this clay provides a striking contrast to the layers of liquid black slip that coat my surfaces. After all layers are applied, I sgraffito the entire surface with a small loop tool to expose the clay and bring my imagery to life. My designs are my collection of favorite patterns, images, memories, or stories. The subjects I prefer have two volumes: quiet, nature inspired imagery or whimsical, light-hearted, narrative pictorials. Enveloping my pots in this detailed imagery creates a marriage of surface and form. My pieces invite the viewer to investigate through touch, sight, and use. I hope others enjoy my handmade pieces and incorporate them into their life, routine, family gatherings, or traditions. They are for them to enjoy using, passing down or just simply to adorn their own surroundings. "
Nathan Falter


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