Signs of Spirit


"We live on the western edge of the East Texas Piney Woods when we aren't traveling, with our critters, across the country to Renaissance Faires, Celtic festivals, and art shows. Coop: Long ago I realized that carving is a form of meditation. I am burning these images into my consciousness 16 hours a day. As an act of self defense, I made a decision to limit my carving to symbols evoking light, love, peace, exhilaration, freedom, liberty, ecstasy, and the creator of the universe. I spend my life focusing on positive symbols and meeting people that are attracted to them. It just gets better all the time. Katrina: I was blessed in 2006 to lose my job, have a friend that brought me to the wonderful Maryland Renaissance Faire, where Coop's friend brought me into his world. As our friendship, love and lives deepen together, he is encouraging me to develop as an artist. So his wonderful pieces that have wood burning on them are my attempts at creations of light, love, peace, exhilaration, freedom, liberty, ecstasy, and the creator of the universe."
Mark Cooper


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$10 – $385

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Hand carved, cedar, Celtic, knots, spiritual, symbols, cultural, icons, cat carvings, wood burnings, painted, magnets, greeting cards, bear, cross, christianity, braided, spiral, irish, gaelic, triquetra, trinity, triangle, healer, knot, harmony, Claddagh, compass rose, shamrock, star, cabinet, sailor, wedding, scotland, scottish, prosperity, balance, goddess, wiccan, yin, yang, cat, butterfly, owl, swan, turtle, dragon, dolphin, dragonfly, horse, fox, eastern, mysticism, judaica, pagan, egyptian, messianic, baha’i, fairy, norse, pentacles, feri, tree, druid, moon, green man, acorn, music, death, chaos, John Lennon, Jerry Garcia, clef, treble, Marley, Renaissance, Magnolia, TX, Texas, Signs of Spirit, Mark, Cooper, Katrina, Hoffman, inspired, inspirational, East Texas, Western red cedar, Nothing Strikes Back, Ice Cream