We are a husband and wife team working primarily in wood , acrylic and resin. We create artwork that has a positive message. We aim to fill the world with color, light and love. Rokoko comes from the Japanese work Kokoro which means “of the heart”. Whatever media we work in the work is from the heart. We have been self supporting artists since 1983.
Ame Alamag


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$1 -$ 5,000

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Mix media paintings, Prints, plaques, Recycled items, skies, Mirrors, Coasters, Whimsical, colorful, fantasy-like, 3-dimensional, wood, high relief, geometry, verbal, contrast, textured, graphic, rocks, guitars, skis, suitcase, hand chair, toaster, mosaic, heart, faces, love, fish, moon, animals, dragonfly, magic, symbol, insect, butterfly, beetle, grasshopper, dragonfly, bird, cat, rainbow, armadillo, turtle, violin, star, fleur de lis, skull, feet, skeleton, mermaid, Alamag, Ame, Mitch, Los Cruces, New Mexico, NM, Rokoko, inspirational quotes, positive message,, colorful, contemporary, whimsical, folk, mixed media, paintings, mirrors, guitar, love, peace, faces, flowers, trees, animals, poetry, patterns, textures, affirmations, New Mexico, couple, husband and wife