Rick Loudermilk

"I paint on a wooden board, then pour epoxy art resin over the painting. After the resin cures, I continue to paint. I then pour another layer of resin, cure it, and paint more. I repeat the cycle several times. Look closely at the paintings. You can see the built-up layers of paint and clear resin resembling fused glass. That's what makes my artwork different. The painting has a luminous depth with the paint/resin layering technique that allows you to look into the piece, not just at the surface. Some paintings lean more toward mixed media with the additions of wax pencil, paper, and metal sandpaper grit. And yes, I use a ruler and tape when blending color with brushes. I also scrape through dried paint revealing layers below the surface. My work is considered ""color field"" or ""hard edge color field”. I juxtapose bold, opaque colors with more sensitive transparent layers. I work to create a visually powerful emotion for the viewer, hopefully a ""I have to take that home!"" kind of reaction."
Rick Loudermilk


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$1,000 – $5,000

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geometric, acrylic, epoxy, paintings, paint, resin, layering, 2-dimensional, colorful, lines, glitter, neon, modern, mixed media, wax, sand, paper, grit, pencil, paper, Rick, Loudermilk, Austin, TX, Texas, sailboat, abstract, original, horizontal, vertical, high gloss,