Ovtcharov Art Studio


Me and my wife Daniela are both born in Bulgaria. We finished the national art academy in Sofia Bulgaria where we met and then got married! We work on style and technique of the old masters but add our own interpretation creating fantastic and whimsical paintings.
Vladimir and Daniela Ovtcharov


Price Range

$25 – $10,000+

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Vladimir, Daniela, Ovtcharov, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Bulgaria, Russia, Painting, sculpture, whimsical, surreal, fantasy, book, tarot, prints, metal, mixed media, colorful, astrology, sun signs, legends, princess, castle, dragon, fairy tale, angel, dancer, woman, saint, mythology, magic, queen, king, ballerina, tower, cyclops, cabinet, curiosity, dali, vampire, scientist, bee, enchanted, goat, sheep, wizard, eye, orchid, skeleton, edgar allen poe, salvador, philosopher, don quixote, circus, fairy, graces, rhinocervs, muse, forest, nymphs, diamonds, hearts, spade, club, love, mermaid, karna, goddess, snow white, alice in wonderland, labyrinth, jack nicholson, willie nelson, 7 deadly sins, greed, gluttony, lust, vanity, anger, envy, sloth, beast, mad hatter, lewis carroll, tea time, mushroom, astrologist, gazelle, raven, bird, thumbelina, dreamland, renaissance, cheshire cat, crown,