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"Born in Southern California, Bobbie’s interest in sculpture and pottery began in High School in the sixties. Through the years, Bobbie studied ceramics and sculpture at various colleges and studios throughout California and Texas. From the mid 80’s to the mid 90’s, Bobbie created several hundred original works of sculptures and relief pots for an import company in south Texas. These pieces were reproduced and sold worldwide. Bobbie’s body of work represents over 50 years of “playing with clay”. Megan McCrea, Bobbie’s daughter, has been an avid student of art since before she started college in the mid 90’s. Their studio/gallery, North Shore Pottery, located in Lake Travis, Texas was established in 2003. Together they use Raku clay and formulate many of their own Raku glazes from raw materials. When glazing their work, they use a wax resist method to attain color separation and they layer each color 3-4 times for vibrancy. About 80% of the work is Raku fired an ancient Japanese method where the pieces are taken from the kiln when “white hot” then moved into metal containers of sawdust which ignites. The cans are then covered to extinguish the fire and the pieces are smoked. When cool the pieces are cleaned to remove the soot. This firing method causes the glaze to crackle and the copper in the glaze to change various colors, ensuring each piece to be unique. The two artists also create hand-thrown functional pieces, made from high fire stoneware, in which many also have a Japanese influence. The mother-daughter pair is grateful to be able to work together within their common interests and they find joy in traveling to many art shows where they share their love for pottery. "
Bobbie McCrea


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$10 – $10,000

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