Nora Julia


"Originally an East Coast native, Nora spent just shy of a decade learning the jewelry trade in Austin, Texas. When she lit the torch for the first time and watched the color and flexibility of the metal change with the introduction of heat, she was instantly hooked! She advanced from student to apprentice, working with Steve Kriechbaum, an incredibly talented goldsmith with over 40 years’ experience. She then demonstrated her talent and versatility as a key team member at Creative Side Jewelry Academy, maintaining the workspace, teaching fast-paced classes, and eventually becoming the Casting Lab Manager. 2017 marked her return to the East Coast, and she moved into a studio with Jessica, owner of Bluebird Designs, in the River Arts District of Asheville, NC in April of 2018. In May of 2019, Nora and Jessica joined forces and opened Ignite Jewelry Studios - a shared creative space, jewelry studio and gallery in Riverview Station. Nora designs, forms, files, saws, fuses, hammers, and polishes every piece of jewelry by hand. She mainly works with Argentium sterling silver - a hypoallergenic, highly tarnish resistant silver alloy guaranteed to be made using 100% recycled metal. Each filigree piece takes multiple hours to complete - forming every wire shape individually and ensuring they fit into the outline without overcrowding is a precise art. While the jewelry looks delicate, the joining of the wires forms a surprisingly strong web of silver. Nora also enjoys creating custom jewelry for her clients - whether it’s a unique filigree piece or handmade wedding rings, bringing your design to life is a passion. View her Custom gallery here. "
Nora Julia


Price Range

$80 – $590

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