Nailivic Studios


"Nailivic Studios produces laser-etched and laser-cut modern folk art both large and small. This years holiday line up will include La Bota (inspired by the industrious history of Texas) and Los Peces (a duality piece with roots in Cuba). Boston-native Mark Puente grew up in Guatemala and has always been inspired by images of Dia de los Muertos and folk art from around the world. His pen and ink illustrations are transformed into colorful laser engravings etched from milk-paint finished wood and other media. Hand pulled screen prints and apparel round out the collection, including the addition of popular designs from last year. Mark works out of his home in East Austin and is supported by his wife, Amy Exah, who assists in the creative process and the business side of Nailivic Studios."
Mark Puente


Price Range

$30 – $129

Contact Info

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