Mitch Berg


I’m a self-taught glass/mixed media artist with a degree in Journalism/Writing from the University of Wyoming. In 2001, I began working with a small torch making glass beads for fun. I found a kiln and experimented with fusing glass to make larger figures. I embed wire and copper into the melting glass layers allowing me to attach a variety of found and collected objects to create narrative sculptures. The stories I tell with glass have an illumination and playfulness that make words seem flat in comparison and now this is how I tell my stories.
Mitch Berg


Price Range

$40 -$800

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I work with a vast, nearly impossible to describe collection of materials and I now have 25 years of experience putting things together using diverse techniques such as welding , woodwork, and machining. I include kiln-fired glass in most of my work to give my sculptures light and life. I create delightful, storied characters that invite laughter and thoughtful consideration of joyful outcomes in uncertain times.