Lucia's Gemstone Jewelry


Lucia Gemstone Jewelry, In a Class of her own with a Distinctive Simple Elegant Style. Professionally & Lovingly Hand-Crafted, Durable Heirloom Jewelry; By Lucia & Robert, A Husband & Wife Team of Texas Artisans, Creating One-of-a-Kind Designs, in our studio from start to finish; with Authentic Pearls & Genuine Gemstones. A Timeless Collection of Heirloom Quality with Affordability. These Quality Natural Gemstones are Durable & have The Longevity of Jewelry you can pass on to Future Generations. We’re committed to Serving our Customers; We guarantee All our Gemstone work. 20+ years in the Gemstone Jewelry Business.
Lucia De La Caridad


Price Range

$25 – $5,000

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