Our name is Niran Manandhar & Anu Manandhar, we both are Nepali bred, living in Austin, Texas. We both had jewelry backgrounds that were passed on to us from our families. With academic degrees in art and psychology we both were headed in different paths in our lives. So, we both decided to drop that medium and wanted to pursue something different in life. This brought us to Austin, TX. We create all the artwork on every medium possible, from computer designs for our clothing lines to hand carvings on our jewelry line. Anu specializes in designing, bezel settings and the final creation of all our jewelries. With our combined knowledge in designing, we decided to emerge ourselves in traditional art which would reflect us and our knowledge in traditional Nepali handicrafts. This helped us in enticing the bridge of art between Nepal and Austin. Hence our company "LOKAZU" was born. Lokazu, strives to be as socially conscious in the making of clothing and jewelry designs. As the brand shifts from being eco / up-cycle, we are still socially conscious in our process. All the clothing is made with eco / natural based fibres, mainly 100% preshrunk cotton. Sustaining the local economy and hiring within the community, most of the fabrics come from small, or independent businesses that buy fabrics as their customers demand.
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