Kimka Jones


"Kimka Jones is a second-generation working artist. Both of her parents have made their living solely through their art, exhibiting stained glass designs at national art shows and renaissance festivals, from the time Kimka was 8 years old. From this inspiration and upbringing, Kimka has created her own form of glass art. By cutting, layering, and fusing pieces of stained glass together, she forms the basis for a wide range of completely unique handmade works. After the fused pieces have cooled, she assembles them using copper-foiling and soldering methods. By virtue of the process alone, each individual fused piece is a one-of-a-kind, unique work of art."
Kimka Jones


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$25 – $275

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Glass, fused, layering, stained, copper, foiling, solder, decor, wearable, functional, lamp, light switch, jewelry, mirrors, vanity, candle holder, square, pendants, earrings, bracelets, sculpture, mixed media, Kimka, Jones, Imbroglio Glass Art, CA, California, Walnut Creek, Austin, TX, Texas