Kelsey Marie Studio


"I use art as a way to express myself. I love working with a lot of color and creating texture in my work as a way to express emotion, movement, and spirit. I love combining very structured pen and ink work with tons of color, movement, and abstraction. I am inspired by the natural world and surround myself with plants, music, and animals. I grew up exploring the national parks and volunteering for organizations centered around animal welfare, which is a constant influence on my life and creativity."
Kelsey Evans


Price Range

$10 – $50

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natural, energy, spirit, watercolor, ink, chalk, pastels, paintings, prints, tapestries, pins, calendars, buttons, stickers, cards, racoon, astrology, cat, lion, bear, elephant, giraffe, lady justice, corgi, owl, buffalo, fox, snake, crow, familiar, butterfly, skeleton, frog, pony, women, pets, portraits, fortune teller, rhino, wolf, eagle, geometry, triangle, sugar skull, hawk, octopus, polar bear, succulent, cactus, bull dog, mustang, tree, doe, fawn, deer, koi, fish, husky, venus fly trap, bobcat, german shepherd, moth, leopard, lambs, golden retriever, sea horse, dachshund, lamb, rabbit, lab, ram, crab, flower, blossom, trout, fish, gaia, goddess, mixed media, canvas, laka, olwen, freya, frigg, hekate, eir, matcha, halloween, plants, dogs, Kelsie Marie, Evans, Austin, TX, Texas