JCR Workshop


"Founded in 1979, JCR WORK represents the creative output of Julio Carreon-Reyes. Inspired in equal parts by the natural and technological worlds, the work draws upon the emergent patterns in animal morphology. Each piece is drafted by JCR, then prepared for output via a layered method of laser engraving / cutting, screen printing and hand finishing. All design and manufacturing happen in our studios in Austin, TX."
Julio Carreon-Reyes


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$20 – $50

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wood, animals, arthropoda, mixed media, woodwork, bird, mobile, insect, sea life, dinosaur, screen print, laser cut, birch, plywood, sharks, whales, bats, mollusca, dinosauria, squid, beetle, orca, narwhal, parakeet, hummingbird, hawk, eagle, woodpecker, raven, mockingbird, bluejay, cardinal, owl, dolphin, spider, praying mantis, dragonfly, bee, assembly, kit, Julio, Carreon-Reyes, Austin, TX, Texas, JCR Workshop