Jamie Rood


Images start from photographs I've taken. Creating my ’ Photographic Art’ requires extensive digital editing and touch-up: involving hours, days and more..digitally hand painting & complex masking using the stylus & tablet. Further, combing images may help set a mood or tell a story. I like to touch on themes & objects which bring back memories or celebrate connections with each other, or just take you to a ‘special place…'
Jamie Rood


Price Range

$10 – $5,000

Contact Info

jamie, rood, beyond, photograph, Austin, TX, Texas, digital, hand painted, large, canvas, prints, aluminum, ceramic tile, coasters, drink huggers, cutting boards, phone case, archival, metal, train, typewriter, stories, memories, nostalgia, oil rig, airplane, water works, wheel, hello world, galaxie sunliner, classic cars, pick up truck, B-29, Little Boy, Moody jack, west, texas, qwerty, keys, steam, #3423, seasons’s, guitar, strings, ford, bronco, bottle, books, old, vehicles, oil, gas, flag, electra glide, ghost ride, landscape, urban, oilfield, people, architecture, trees, leaves, western, nature, cityscapes, objects, railroad, nostalgia, water, aeronautical, thunderbird, sky, coastal, metro, rail, harpers Ferry, tunnel, machine, platform, vanishing, waiting, chief, green river station, mine shack, kids, baseball, toes, doorway, masaya, woman, couple, baby, colored, door, lady, leon, madre de marcela, cards, grain, horsecart, gorilla, falls, frothing, krause springs, church, wildflowers, lookout, redbud, roots, hay bails, bluebonnets, morning, grass, dune, hamilton pool, barn, valley, montauk, harbor, aging, grace, ’67 camero, caddy, VW, bus, baby blue, bikes, tractors, 57, streaming, impala, peterbuilt, semi, caddo, pumpjacks, rigs, roughnecks, equipment, tanks, fracking, drains, hydrant, backstreet, pipe, vent, bug-eyed, shower, stairwell, trinidad, ruin, Chicago, clock, time, montopolis, bridge, wabash, station, tower, 360, Athletic, trump, hotel, wells, street, arch, lady bird, lake, round rock, cement, plant, state, capital, capitol, decay, windmills, antiques, archways, leon, cathedral, basilica, conception, la merced, aisle, step, light, shack, barn, gate, leaning, sun, jeweltone, dried, hanging, bark, water, maple, fround, monument, woods, wishing, plants, flower, icepod, iris, florival, lilly, dandelion, ghostly, petals, berry, fungali, eye, shrooms, village, cherub, animals, birds, balance, bamboo, pigeons, branch, turtle, watcher, moth, nest, steers, lounging, rocks, foilage, old man, cave, first, chevy, fiesta, clouisiana, rust, rusty,