Jacob Colburn

"Jacob G. Colburn was born in Austin, Texas in 1976. Raised in the arts all his life by his father, renowned metal sculptor Daryl G. Colburn, Jacob was exposed to many forms of medium. When he was growing up he spent hours in his father's studio, attended art shows, and learned the unique art of selling his dad's work. One of Jacob's fondest memories as a child was sitting, mesmerized by flames shooting out of the mouth and nose of a copper dragon Daryl was creating. This inspired Jacob to soon begin making small metal sculptures such as copper spiders and roses. In 2007 Jacob began an apprenticeship under his father and again began creating on his own. Together they started Colburn Studios, showcasing their art in numerous galleries and exhibitions all over the United States. Sadly in 2011, Daryl Colburn passed away suddenly in Santa Fe. Jacob continues to learn and create art with his own style from the knowledge passed down from his father. ​ ​I am fascinated by copper because it is so versatile. The colors you can pull from it are quite amazing. I have been very interested in creating geometrical shapes. With acid and inks I change the chemical makeup of my pieces and make works of art."
Jacob G. Colburn


Price Range

$1,000 – $10,000

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copper, metal, recycle, geometric, oxidation, sculpture, wall art, patina, acid, chemicals, Jacob, Colburn, large, Austin, TX, Texas