House of Eberstein


Gretchen von Eberstein is the creative mind behind House of Eberstein. From a young age, she dreamt of becoming an artist. She explored numerous artistic mediums, enthusiastically searching for new outlets to express her burgeoning creativity. Her father’s engineering career took her and her sisters across the the sea to Belgium, England, Egypt & the Caribbean where she experienced a mesmerizing array of social structures, cultures and art forms. This very unorthodox childhood was where the seeds of her unique aesthetic first sprouted. At nineteen she moving to Austin, Texas where she studied design in school and mentored as a metal smith. Once she developed a product line, she began selling her creations at seasonal art festivals and local street markets around Texas. As her business developed and her line grew, she quit her day job and recruited close friends to form a production team. Today, this expanded team of artistic free thinking women create jewelry inspired by love, laughter, diversity & the world around us. When Gretchen is not running her business, she enjoys traveling with her husband Gary Chester & her 12 year old daughter Una. She is an avid sci-fi reader and enjoys live music. She’s also the producer of the Soco Farmers & Makers Market on South Congress which is the home to over 100 local artisans in Austin. "
Gretchen Von Eberstein


Price Range

$16 – $380

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