Hidden Dragon Art


The pieces made by the artist Rebecca Rang Schoenig are one of a kind metal art created using various techniques including whitesmithing, patinization, painting, welding, and incorporating various mixed media elements such as steel, copper, bronze, aluminum, glass, gemstones, natural rock, digitized imagery & photography, inks, etc. The artist creates either a 2D or 3D metal canvas for the piece, then uses the various techniques above to form the piece. Many of the materials are ‘green’ being recycled and found materials. All pieces are coated and sealed with a specialized thick glassy polymer clear coat protectant that allows it to be enjoyed inside or some pieces outdoors. To hang the piece, there is a strong cable on the back. They vary in weight and are tested to ensure they may be hung easily. Pieces are created with the belief that positive concepts are important and that by fostering muses of positivity we can find beauty and joy in even a piece of recycled metal.
Rebecca Rang


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Rebecca, Rang, Schoenig, Hidden Dragon Art, Austin, TX, Texas, metal, whitesmithing, one of a kind, handmade, patinization, painting, welding, mixed media, steel, copper, bronze, aluminum, glass, gemstones, natural, rock, digitized imagery, photography, 2D, 3D green, eco, recycled, found, coated, sealed, glassy, polymer, clear coat, outdoors, positivity, joy, retro, butterfly, buddha, peace, barbed wire, heart, rocket, cat, kitten, bird, flower, magnets, longhorn, wonder woman, butterfly, star, cactus, skeleton, skull, tile, coaster, stone, sunflower, chicken, comics, cowgirl, dinosaur, superman, batman, mechanics, science, fiction, argosy, rocket, spaceship, outer space, motel, tree, hummingbird,