Greg Lewallen


"My artwork is deeply personal to me, as it is for any artist, but mine is as much about the journey as it is the destination. In this way, my art is very much analogous to my passion for collecting insects, and may be better understood in this regard. When I go on expedition, there are always target species that I have researched and hope to actually find on the trip. When I do find a target species, it is especially gratifying that the research and planning has paid off. Ultimately, however, it is the joy of the hunt itself that makes it so invigorating. The bug was the reason for going, but it is just the frosting on the cake, as the sights, sounds, and smells of being in a different, unknown environment, and the accompanying experiences that it brings, are just as compelling. When I begin a particular artwork, I may have an idea of where I want to go with it, but I am always confronted with problems and situations that have to be worked out. While I may not always end up with a successful piece, it is the journey that is so exhilarating for me."
Greg Lewallen


Price Range

$10 – $5,000

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2-dimensional, pastel, pencil, pen, ink, insect, butterfly, bee, dragonfly, beetle, moth, bug, insects, animals, lures, birds, animals, giraffes, armadillo, fish, fishing, turtle, tortoise, shark, longhorn, small dots, naturalist, collector, oil, charcoal, intaglio, drawings, note cards, text, Greg, Lewallen, Waco, Professor, teacher, handwritten, expedition, Baylor, south america, world traveler,