Desarae Lee


Desarae Lee Working primarily with pen and ink, I balance meticulous line-work with natural, flowing compositions. I attempt to connect the hidden places in myself to the hidden places in the viewer, creating a bridge of communication over differing perceptions, beliefs, and experiences.
Desarae Lee


Price Range

$25 – $5,000

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Pen, ink, 2-dimensional, print, printmaking, black, white, raven, bouquet, flowers, octopus, clouds, whale, rose, sea, mask, creepy, man, woman, child, moth, beard, watercolor, boat, sail, wave, tea stain, robot, city, hot air balloon, birds, henries, circus, carousel, ferris wheel, levitation, light bulb, roots, violin, clothes line, boat, animals, deer, antlers, horns, buffalo, rockies, mermaid, gramophone, polar bear, wedding, puppets, fantasy, surreal, dinosaur, pet, Dolly parton, wings, fox, miyazaki mashup, octonaut, narwhal, nessie, loch ness, wookie, lumberjack, artic, seymour, treasure, island, bear, crane, apparel, tank, t-shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt, toddler, long sleeve, book, journal, phone case, gaia, godzilla, Deserae, Lee, children’s book, childrens clothes, Salt Lake City, UT, Utah