Claire Was Here


"I love to create and learn and do fun things like swim and play mini golf and ping pong and frisbee and hang out with my cat and sew myself some clothes. I'm always trying to find ways to have fun.... creating my products is one of those fun things I really enjoy doing. I'm writing a book about Shimmer and even considering making cat toys, and more pillows, in shapes! I live in Georgia with my cat near a lake and am starting to enjoy traveling around a bit... the beach is a top destination, WAVES! I sell my magnets and other artsy goodies I come up with, and am always sewing something or painting ... Business is Great, People are Terrific & Life is WONDERFUL!!! yaHOOO!"
Claire Brightly


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$12 – $350

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Tea towels, dogs, cats, pets, animals, birds, chickens, mermaids, bees, cotton, sun, dishes, Claire, Brightly, Claire was Here, kitchen ware