Brianna Martray


"Brianna is a working artist living in Pittsburgh, PA. She has been a full time artist since 2006, starting out as a painter before moving to sculptural work in 2009, and then on to drawing with graphite and charcoal in 2018. Brianna had a large scale installation piece of origami paper cranes at Denver International Airport in 2011. There is now a permanent installation of these cranes in Collegiate Peaks Bank in the Rino District in Denver. Brianna's work is driven by world-building. One of the greatest moments of freedom she found in her work was when she stopped painting and started sculpting -- for the first time she felt she wasn't creating an illusion of her vision, she was creating a tangible object that cast a shadow, bringing her imagined world to life. Her current work uses a wide range of materials including cast bronze, cast glass, cast resins, resin clay, thread, paper, cheese cloth, and wood."
Brianna Martray


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painting, drawing, illustrations, graphite, sculpture, charcoal, installations, shadow, cast, bronze, resin, clay, thread, paper, cheese cloth, wood, pigment, wood panel, system, timeline, 2-dimensional, Brianna, Martray, blue hair, Pittsburg, PA, Pennsylvania, free standing, Lady Salt,