Beach Glass Bingo


"Having been actors and singers most of our lives, we have traveled throughout the world. Our comfort zone in all our travels has always been walking the beach collecting sea glass and found objects. It was after our move to Hawaii that we mastered the technique of drilling our found gems. We soon started designing jewelry from our new ""beads"", utilizing silver, semi-precious stones and leather, and what began as a favorite pastime became a full time job for both of us. Beach Glass is an elusive find these days. Many hours are spent at the shore sourcing the glass, and even more time sorting out the naturally smoothed pieces. We drill our finds and then rivet, forge, and twist silver into simple shapes to feature these rare gifts from the sea. We now reside in San Diego with our dog Jackie. Our ultimate goal is to make beach glass jewelry that is artistic and fun to wear, evoking a memorable day at the beach."
Rex Nockengust


Price Range

$25 – $500

Contact Info

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