Alan and Barbara Serota

"Our art-inspired journey together began 40 years ago when we met in the ceramics department of the University of Texas, Austin. We both felt a clear calling toward a simple lifestyle informed by our mutual passion for handmade clay vessels and the vastly intricate process of creating them. After graduation we made our first studio/home in a 100-year-old stone house next to a roaring creek, 7 miles down-valley from Telluride, Colorado. Much inspired by the San Juan mountains, forest and creek that embraced us, we pursued our art and a country potter’s lifestyle … building and firing a salt kiln and later a soft-brick gas kiln, growing a garden and putting up food for the long winters, and selling our work locally. We continued our education studying the writings and work of Bernard Leach, Shoji Hamada, Karen Karnes, Michael Cardew , Paulus Berenson and Toshiko Takaezu, and we began to find our own forms. The pursuit of excellence, voluntary simplicity, and the understanding that form follows function framed our existence within the quietude of nature. Those 5 years in Colorado gave birth to visions that still guide us today. We chose to return to the Texas hill country where we found beautiful land in Spicewood and focused on hand building a stone home over the course of the next 3 years. We had a residency and taught ceramics night classes at the Dougherty Cultural Art Center in Austin, all the while making and firing our pieces and teaching clay workshops to well over a thousand school children within the Eanes School District and the Austin Independent School District. For the past 33 years we have quietly lived and worked in our home and studio in Spicewood, creating our functional and sculptural vessels and selling them at juried art festivals across the country. These travels expanded our horizons and our work was well received in such diverse cities as New Orleans, Atlanta, Birmingham, Pensacola, Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Santa Fe, Boulder, Kansas City, Scottsdale and the Detroit area, to name but a few, as well as all the major cities in the lone star state."
Alan and Barbara Serota


Price Range

$25 – $5,000

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Alan, Barbara, Serota, Spicewood, Texas, TX, pottery, 2-d, 3-d, sculpture, ceramics, handmade, clay, vessels, functional, paintings, canvas, abstract, symbolic, oil, acrylic, birch, porcelain, mixed media, dancing, torchlight, lady, liberty, bronze, demeter, words, poetry, found objects, vase, wheel thrown, carved, urns, blue, sky, dreams, sun, moon, harpist, wedding, dress, miracle, torchlight, sea, love, morris, yellow, man, heartbeat, heart, journey, patience, gaze, strangers, mystic, river, friendship, outside, box, sunshine, walking, cat, buddha, universe, motion, comet, universe, whisper, church, waterfront, musical, notes, dreamtime, temple, longtime, insprirational, affirmation, open, leaf, butterfly, voice, simplify, clarify, mysteries, photos, women, symbols, mother, goddess, hope, notecards, embrace, nature conejos, river, flower, bowl, serving, dish, cave, quiet, faith, healing, mandala, fragile, crlytals, gtanite, inlaid, anique, button, photo, madre, hija, grave vine, mother, child, lace, woman, vision, peace, stone, tablet, swarovski, talisman, vaya, dios, beads, divinity, breath, deep, holy, wall, frluneral, urn, carved, pistachio, freestyle, fluting, nigeria, coiled, classical, Chinese,