AEM Gallery


"I create bright whimsical work that I call feel-good art. My mission is lighten a mood and bring warmth to the heart through the use of color and subject matter (animals). In a world where we are bombarded by negativity and polarization, I want to be the lightness that brings you back to center in the midst of all that."
April Murphy


Price Range

$10 – $5,000

Contact Info

April, Murphy, AEM, Gallery, Houston, Texas, paint, painting, feel good, happy, whimsical, metal, print, totem, 3 to 5 words, animals, tree, pet, cat, dog, armadillo, farm, longhorn, flowers, sun, sunset, witty, drinks, wine, circles, panda, penguin, polar bear, umbrella, new orleans, theatre, owl, piano, music, colorful, bear, lion, zebra, chicken, horse, skunk, bee, pig, flamingo, giraffe, fox, bird, goat, moose, aspen, cow, butterfly, kangaroo, koala, lamb, bunny, rabbit, squirrel, leopard, lover, zen, opossum, turtle, pelican, crab, heron, peace, frog, parade, fun, lizard, elephant, critter, cocktails, coasters, book, TX, Winter Street Studios, paw print, feel good art, colorful, book, acrylic, paintings, critter cocktails, patchwork